D→A is a split release with Tokyo based producer Afasia Yuri. Having met in December 2015 at a show in North London we were both playing at we decided to put together this split release. 

The 3 Specimens tracks map the timeline of dive; the initial descent, the diver beginning to ascend back to the surface but rising too quickly & finally on the third piece, surfacing. I wanted to experiment more with the vocal samples on these tracks more so than any of my previous releases in an attempt at creating a more human element, something both peaceful (when underwater) but also haunting and empty leading to the panic of rising too quickly.

Afasia's use of voice and field recordings create a calm and serene contrast to the more 'anxious' opening tracks and transport you to a dreamy safe haven.

Full release available here: https://afasiayuri.bandcamp.com/album/specimens-afasia-yuri-d-a