This split release was put together between myself and JC early 2016, it was released on ltd Cassette & digitally by the label A Giant Fern in November that year. 

You can buy it here

Tracks 2, 4 & 6 are Specimens tracks & 1, 3 & 5 by J C.

Cover artwork by A. Trindade. 
Design by C. Burius. 

Official press release from A Giant Fern:

Assembled as a sonic dialog between two of the most prevailing and complementing forms of electronic music, J C (Blackhoods/Sun Hoods) and Specimens (Alex Ives) present track by track their individual expeditions into Techno and Ambient respectively, in a deeply interchangeable and concise way. Relations between structure and meaning are here made vulnerable to contamination, enabling these already pushed forward tracks to step out even more from the natural constrictions of genre tags. Weightless but expectant, these sounds will trap the listener into the loop.