Released in the Summer of 2015 on Amsterdam based label Shimmering Moods Records. 

This release was has shared inspirations and influences, I approached the writing of it heavily inspired by a trip I made in the winter of 2014 to Warsaw, the front cover consists of 3 pictures I took whilst there and in the inside fold out image was also a photo I took behind a small camera market near Klub Stodoła. I wanted to try and create a soundscape that reflected the harshness of the weather as well as encapsulating the strong architecture and rich history of the city. I made a fairly large selection of tracks and the two I chose which I have put on the B side I felt complimented the other tracks on the record best. 


The A side to the record was inspired by the memories of living in a remote place - a detached suburban life, disconnected from the excitement, energy and warmth of a city. The emotions and ideas were specifically drawn from a selection of places I spent time growing up and the retrospective view I have now I live in London. I didn't want it to have an overly nostalgic feel but non the less having moved to various other cities since growing up and now living in London I think it was slightly inevitable when looking back. As well as trying to create a sense of isolation there was also a conscious effort to try and create a literal feeling of being cold. I lived for large parts of my life in wind battered seaside towns so the coldness was very real and coupled with feeling detached (geographically) often a little relentless. 

This EP was released on a very limited edition Gold/Red glitter cassette and is available digitally from Shimmering Moods.