Water and Concrete is a collaborative project between myself, composer Daniel Weismayr and photographer Lucie Rox. It is released through the South London label Tenderly Surrender on ltd edition Cassette with fold out A4 prints and comes in either a ‘Water’ or ‘Concrete’ edition.

The collaboration consists of three photographs and three tracks. The photographs were taken from Lucie’s road-trip across America in early 2015 with locations chosen for this release being Baltimore and Lake Michigan.

Daniel and myself created our own audio responses to the images, taking influence from the composition, dynamics and conceptual suggestions that each photograph conjured. Having produced individual tracks for the first two images, we worked together on the third image and title track – ‘Water and Concrete’ – bringing together our distinctive styles and utilising tape and electronic based drones & Daniel’s more instrumentally led compositions to create a collaborative musical soundscape. The three audio reinterpretations, accompanied by the photographs are tied together with a mesmerising short film, shot and edited by London based director Sophie Littman (http://sophielittman.co.uk/) in Hong Kong to the title track to complete “Water & Concrete”.

The full release Water & Concrete was released on December 4th 2015 and is available to buy on the Tenderly Surrender Bandcamp: https://tenderlysurrender.bandcamp.com