Sculptures is my first full length Specimens LP, started in 2015 this was an extremely enjoyable release to write & record. I feel like I progressed & learnt so much as a producer and one of the major things was the ability to be patient with putting together a long form release. 

Sculptures Artwork.jpg

The above artwork is from the incredibly talented Australian painter Kieran Ingram, I met Kieran when I first moved to London and have been a massive fan of his work since first seeing it. This record was also mastered by Lawrence English, for me a pioneer in his field and a massive influence on my work, to have been able to include the touches of 2 such talented artists in Lawrence & Kieran on this record was humbling and special.



I didn’t want to make a record intentionally difficult to listen to, but I wanted uncomfortable moments. It was important for me to try and make the record sound as human as possible and in some places distinctly live.


You can buy the LP on the below stores:

Bleep | Juno | Norman Records | iTunes | First Terrace Records